Fires, explosions, chemical spills, building collapses, and other major accidents result in thousands of dollars in damage and massive injuries to a company’s employees. Naturally, a business will try to diminish its own liability in the event of a workplace disaster, which means that victims of these incidents need skilled legal help on their side.

Hart & David provides legal guidance when it comes to recovering workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace disaster. We assess each claim that comes before us with through the lens of experience, then utilize our resources and legal skill in determining the best route to take to recover compensation for your disaster-related injury. From there, we represent you during negotiations to secure that compensation.

Workplace Disaster Injuries

A workplace disaster can take on numerous forms depending on the industry and factors involved in the incident. Some of the most significant disasters Illinois has faced include:

  • The 1887 Chatsworth train wreck which killed and injured hundreds of passengers
  • The 1946 Naperville train disaster in which two trains collided and killed 47 passengers
  • The 1947 Centralia Mine disaster, in which an explosion killed over a hundred miners
  • St Anthony’s Hospital fire in 1949, which killed somewhere around 75 people

Not all workplace disasters are the employer’s fault, but the employer still has a responsibility to compensate their employees for the injuries and lost employment that result. Injuries may be burns, broken bones, head trauma, lacerations, and even death, and it’s the company’s responsibility to see that compensation is paid for each of these.

The Duty of Employers

Workplace incidents sometimes occur on such a scale that they constitute a crushing burden for businesses. Businesses facing these disasters will strive to do everything possible to diminish that load. In many cases, this may be done at the expense of their employees as the company denies or diminishes the amounts they owe their workers.

Regardless of who is at fault in a workplace disaster claim, your employer has a responsibility to compensate you for your injuries, including medical expenses for treating your injuries, lost time at work, and disability. Again, this is the case regardless of whether they were at fault for the injuries of their employees.

Obstacles to Recovering Benefits

Even though they have a legal responsibility to pay compensation for their employees’ injuries after a disaster, companies—and more significantly, their insurance companies—will attempt to downplay injuries and medical necessities to reduce the amount they have to pay. In some cases, they may attempt to deny their responsibility to pay compensation benefits altogether. Therefore, you need a skilled attorney on your side who will see to it that you’re paid what you’re owed.

Seeking Legal Help

Hart & David can provide the skilled legal help you need throughout this process. In addition to seeking our services, be sure to document the incident as best you can, including your injuries, medical expenses, and the events of the disaster. These can help us obtain the maximum amounts possible on your behalf.

If you have suffered an injury due to a workplace disaster, contact Hart & David’s workers’ compensation attorneys today to win the award amounts you deserve.