Planning an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

Planning an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Death is certain, and you want to make sure your spouse, children, and others dear to you are properly cared for when your time comes. The purpose of life insurance is to provide for your loved ones when you pass on, and it does this by paying out a lump sum to them upon .

Benefits of ADR for Healthcare Providers

Benefits of ADR for Healthcare Providers Malpractice lawsuits are common enough in the field of healthcare that most providers accept it as a constant risk. Millions of dollars are spent each year on mitigating that risk, inevitably increasing overhead costs for hospitals, offices, and individual practitioners. Perhaps the most harmful aspect of this is the distrust that it sows. Ideally .

What If I Need to Back Out of Buying a House?

What If I Need to Back Out of Buying a House? When you purchase a house, you and the seller will sign a contract. Under Illinois law, a real estate purchase agreement is legally binding, and as such, you and the seller will be expected to fulfill that agreement. However, if you find that you need to back out of .

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries Accidents can lead to spinal injuries, many of which can leave you permanently and completely disabled. Even if they don’t, they can still cause you pain and suffering and result in high medical bills, lost ability to work, and diminished quality of life. The type of spinal cord injury you suffer may affect how much .

Should I Opt Out of My Employer’s Preferred Provider List?

Should I Opt Out of My Employer’s Preferred Provider List? Under Illinois workers’ compensation law, you are allowed your choice of up to two doctors when getting medical help for a work-related injury. However, also under Illinois law, your employer could potentially restrict your choices to within a specific network of physicians. If your employer has a preferred provider program .

New Workers’ Comp Bill Affects the NFL

New Workers’ Comp Bill Affects the NFL A new bill proposed in the Illinois senate, called Senate Bill 12, could have a dramatic effect on sports teams in Illinois. At the head of efforts to pass the bill is the NFL’s Chicago Bears, who claim that the bill will make workers compensation more fair for those in other industries.

Common Injuries for Office Workers

Common Injuries for Office Workers When you think of work injuries, it usually conjures images of freakish accidents involving heavy machinery, falls from tall structures, or overstraining the body from heavy lifting. Usually, you wouldn’t consider an office setting to be particularly hazardous. While this is generally the case, there are still some hazards to be aware of. An office .

5 Things You Should Know About Intellectual Property

5 Things You Should Know About Intellectual Property Your intellectual property is a key part of your organization. It includes your products, trade secrets, branding, designs, and other forms of intangible property, all of which is well worth protecting. The laws governing it are numerous and complex, and there are a few things you should know about intellectual property that .

Slip and Fall Accidents – Is it Worth a Lawsuit?

Slip and Fall Accidents – Is it Worth a Lawsuit? If you have slipped and fallen on someone else’s property, and if that has resulted in a severe or lasting injury, you may have a personal injury case. Making your claim can be a long, costly process, however, and it might not be immediately apparent how bad your injury is .

How Is Permanent Partial Disability Calculated?

How Is Permanent Partial Disability Calculated? Sadly, injuries at the workplace happen, and those injuries may lead to a permanent disability. The extent of the benefits you’ll get from a disability depends on an estimation of how much it impacts your earning ability. Permanent partial disability (PPD), which involves the partial loss of a hand, foot, leg, eye, etc., can .

Repetitive Stress – Is it Really an Injury?

Repetitive Stress – Is it Really an Injury? The usual aches and pains of daily labor are seldom considered to be very serious—just something that comes with the job, you might say. However, there are instances in which this goes beyond normal fatigue, affecting your quality of life and your ability to work. These injuries, known as repetitive stress injuries .

Founding a Charitable Organization

Founding a Charitable Organization – A Few Pointers It’s the start of a new year. Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions, and some of those might involve contributing to philanthropic causes. One way to do this is to start a charitable organization. Doing so is a complex matter, however, and it’s important to make sure the organization will .

Litigation Vs. Arbitration – Which Is Better?

In a perfect world, businesses would run as predicted, partnerships would always work out perfectly, and there would be no disagreements, offenses, or disputes ever. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world like that, so the need for dispute resolution is a very harsh reality. When determining how to resolve disputes between business and other parties, including partners, clients, providers..

Smartphones & Personal Injury

Take this scenario: suppose you’re visiting a local grocery store on a rainy day. Inside the store, you suddenly slip and fall on a pool of water that was not noticeable in the lighting within the building. Upon impact with the ground, you suffer trauma to both your tailbone and the back of your head, leading to pain that lasts .

Panama Papers & Asset Protection – What You Need to Know

Earlier this year, a massive volume of data was leaked from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. The data detailed the offshore accounts of numerous entities throughout the world, including political figures, business owners, and generally wealthy individuals. While many of the records indicated perfectly legal activity, some showed some illicit actions designed to evade financial obligations such as taxes. .

How Much Can I Be Compensated for a Pedestrian Accident?

If you have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, you may qualify for personal injury compensation. The amount you can get after the accident will depend on a variety of factors, including the expenses you face as a result of the accident, the insurance companies involved, and whether or not your injury resulted from your own negligence.

Setting Up a Medicaid Trust

A Medicaid trust is essentially a trust that is designed to allow you to qualify for Medicaid benefits by reducing your amount of countable assets. Medicaid, which is intended to help individuals pay for medical treatment who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it, restricts who can get benefits based on income. If you are too wealthy, you won’t qualify.

Tips for Planning Land Use and Development

If you have purchased land for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes, you will first need to develop it. Planning land use and development will involve a vast array of steps and procedures, all of which will need to be followed exactly. Here, we’ll go through a few things to keep in mind when planning to develop and use land.

Autonomous Cars and Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are all about negligence—if one party’s negligence is the root cause of your injury, they are held responsible for paying damages. Vehicle accidents are often caused by negligence on the part of one or both drivers, but the increased use of driverless cars could change that.

Types of Legal Entities

When forming a business, the type of legal entity you choose will determine the formation process as well as the way the business is run. Here, we’ll go over some of the most common legal entities along with their strengths and weaknesses.

Top 5 Most Bizarre Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury cases are generally a grave matter—after all, an injury will result in pain and distress on the part of the plaintiff, all of which needs to be taken into serious consideration by all parties involved. It’s a matter of making sure those who are wrongfully injured are properly compensated for everything they have had to endure.

Estate Planning When Life Gets Messy

Whether it’s something as simple as owning a home out of state or as dramatic as a difficult family situation, there are many factors you’ll need to consider when putting together your estate plan. Often, the vagaries of life will require you to revise your plans time and again, so even if you already have a will, trusts, and other important documents in place,

Benefits of Strong Corporate Governance

There may not necessarily be a “best” way to govern a business - each company has its own market, client base, culture, and so forth, and corporate governance needs to be handled in a way that makes the most of the company’s specific situation. However, there are good practices and poor ones, and it’s only the good ones that really lead to any benefits for the company.

How Much Can I Get for Pain and Suffering

If you have been injured in an accident, you will likely have already gone through a great deal of pain and suffering. Injuries themselves hurt, and they can severely impact your quality of life for months or years to come. Even recovering from an injury can be painful as you go through operations to repair the damage.

Tips for Preventing Employment Litigation

Employment and labor litigation has become more common in recent years, and the most unfortunate part of that is the fact that many of these lawsuits can be prevented. Not only can many disputes be resolved outside of court with mediation or arbitration, there are numerous measures that employers can implement to either discourage lawsuits or eliminate legitimate legal concerns within their company.

Challenges of Suing for an Aircraft Accident

Aviation accidents are thankfully not too common, though with the increase of air travel in recent decades, they aren’t as rare as they used to be either. The greatest pains are taken to prevent these from occurring, but sometimes, they do occur, and it’s usually the result of pilot error or physical defects. If you have survived an aircraft accident, you are likely owed damages for your injuries, but there are challenges in securing that.

Real Estate Transactions and Due Diligence

Whether it’s commercial or residential real estate, purchasing real property is a large investment-one you don’t want to take lightly. Ultimately, you hope to turn a profit from the property, but whether you will actually do so, how much it will be, and whether you might inherit legal problems with the land are matters you’ll need to take into account. Adequate research-or due diligence-is key to making a wise real estate investment.

Trespassing and Personal Injury – Can They Sue?

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, one of the factors that determine if you can get compensation is whether you were on the premises legally. Invitees and licensees are generally considered to be permitted on the property, such as if you were invited into someone’s home for dinner or entered a store to purchase something.

Does My Injury Qualify Me for Worker’s Compensation?

If you have been injured on the job, you are typically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of whether you were at fault for it. Nevertheless, there are some situations when you might not be able to get compensation for your injury. Here, we’ll go over the requirements you’ll need to meet to be covered by worker’s comp.

Common Hospital Worker Injuries

An injury can occur in any field of work, but they are surprisingly common among healthcare workers. Long hours, constant hard labor, and the presence of numerous hazardous objects and substances will often take their toll on nurses, technicians, and other hospital employees.

Preparing for Intellectual Property Litigation

Unauthorized use of your intellectual property is a serious matter, and you need to resolve that quickly in order to protect your company’s best interests. Intellectual property litigation may be necessary to accomplish that, but in order to be successful, you need to be prepared. Here, we’ll go over what you can do to get ready to pursue IP litigation.

Sarbanes Oxley and Corporate Governance

After a couple of years of corporate scandals in the public sector involving corporate governance and disclosure, the Sarbanes Oxley Act (also known as Sarbox or SOX) was passed in July, 2002. This law has had a lasting effect on the way businesses run and regulate themselves, especially when it comes to financial disclosure, auditing, and reporting.

What Is a Generation Skipping Trust?

Transferring your estate to your posterity after you pass on is not something the government wants to allow you to do for free. Heavy estate taxes are subtracted from your wealth when making these transfers, which is part of the purpose for using trusts. Normally, these will transfer property to your children, but not all trusts work that way.

Why You Should Call Your Lawyer When Buying a House

Especially if it’s your first time, buying a house can be a long, arduous, and daunting process. There are many risks involved in the course of negotiating contracts and pricing, and the closing process can be highly complex. Calling your lawyer to help you through this grueling ordeal will protect you and allow everything to go much more smoothly.

Recovering from a Workplace Disaster

Workplace disasters—such as fires, chemical spills, weather-related disasters, or accidents—are terrible for both employers and employees. Employers have the expenses of lost business and cleanup, and employees may be severely injured. These injuries could be temporary, or they could result in lifelong disability.

Tips for Effective and Legal Strategic Planning

Strategic business planning is key in running your organization, both in terms of staying afloat as a business and in managing risk, such as liability and regulatory compliance. It’s also a continual process there are always changes in the market, your organization, and the law, so you’re never truly done planning.

What Is Premises Liability?

If you are injured on someone else’s property, then the area of the law you will likely have to deal with is that of premises liability. Premises liability law governs whether or not the owner of a piece of property (the “premises” part of the term) is liable for an injury that occurs while someone is visiting that property.