Biking accidents occur frequently, and they can often be very painful and costly. The injuries suffered by a bicyclist in an accident can be quite severe, resulting not only in painful suffering, but also in painfully high medical expenses, lost earning capacity, and possible disability.

If you are suffering from injuries resulting from a bicycle accident, you may be able to obtain compensation, even if you are partially at fault for the accident. In order to recover the compensation you deserve, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. Hart & David provides the legal representation and advising needed to obtain the monetary compensation due you after a biking accident.

Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles

While not as common as other biking accidents, a crash involving a motor vehicle is still a frightening prospect for many cyclists. A collision with a car, van, or truck can be very severe for someone on a bicycle, and the costs of pain, suffering, and medical treatment are steep. Fortunately, you can get compensation with the right legal assistance.

If you get in an accident with a motor vehicle, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your claim is settled in your favor:

  • File an accident report
  • Take pictures of the scene
  • Make sure police ID the at-fault driver
  • Get the driver’s contact information
  • Report all injuries, no matter how minor they seem at the moment
  • Make a claim as promptly as possible

If you are partially at fault, Illinois uses a comparative negligence formula to determine how much of the damages your are responsible for. If it is decided that you are 30% at fault for an accident, for example, you will only be responsible for 30% of the damages.

Determining who is at fault in an accident requires thorough analysis, and the process can be very complex. Moreover, proving negligence in trial or during negotiations with insurance companies is largely dependent on the evidence available and the skill of your attorney.

Hart & David provides the experience you need to receive due compensation after a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle.

Injuries Due to Street Defects

The vast majority of bicycle accidents are due to street defects, such as potholes, drains, improper lane width, poorly placed telephone poles, and other hazards. It is the duty of the city and state to maintain roadways, so if you have suffered an injury due to street defects, your case will be with them.

Each case is unique, and you will want to make sure you have the evidence you need prior to filing your claim. Hart & David can assess your case and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Settlements

Before discussing an accident with your insurance company, always consult with your attorney first. It takes keen legal expertise and a thorough understanding of personal injury law to know how to proceed with filing a claim, and insurance companies will use communication with you to gather evidence against you. Hart & David provides the negotiation skills and legal acumen needed to ensure you get what you deserve. To learn more about our personal injury services, contact us today.